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Vellore Home Appliance is one of the top-notch AC Repair service centre in Vellore. As a leading AC Repair and Installation provider, We offer a high-quality service in and around the city.  With the help of our skilled staff, we install multi-brand air conditioners for our customers. Our staff combines the highest level of quality service and has an extensive idea in the design, installation, maintenance, servicing, and repair of multi-brand air conditioning systems. Our professionals are wholly committed to providing excellent client service.

Vellore Home appliance is the best emergency AC service in Vellore. We will work even harder to renovate your home appliance or place of our business by earning our customers hope.Are you tense with your loveable AC while it is repaired?, release your stress right away, Vellore Home Appliance is here to help with AC servicing and repair in Vellore city. We have skilled professionals that can handle multi-brand AC!

Our experienced technicians can provide AC services ranging from installation to repair. Any household or business appliance will receive the best possible service from our qualified professionals. Your AC problems will be resolved quickly and effectively by our service. In order to provide you with a level of satisfaction unmatched in the AC service and repair market, it is our overall objective to make sure that we are always able to accurately evaluate the issue and resolve it using the most advanced and effective technology, tools, and supplies available. Our goal is to surpass your expectations and help keep your business functioning smoothly!

We provide all Kind of AC services like,

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We troubleshoot Air Conditioner's problems likes,

On and Off Problem

It may have a dirty air filter problem

Not Blowing Cold Air

A leak not only keeps the AC unit from cooling properly

Motor Problem

The cooling fans won't turn on while it process.


Condensate drainage pan is now stuck ant the evaporator.

Insufficient Airflow

Faulty thermostat cause airflow problems.

Leakage Problem

AC unit is not properly sealed then the problem arise.

Coil Problem

Evaporator Coil Problems Affect AC Efficiency

Sensor Problem

Components of the system designed to measure