Water Heater Repair Service

Vellore Home Appliance service shows their talent in water heater service in Vellore at an affordable price. One of the most essential equipment in every home is the water heater since everyone enjoys a nice bath during the winter or even just a normal warm bath after a long and demanding day at work.

Therefore, choosing the finest and most efficient water heater is the most important thing. But choosing the best service for the water heater is an efficient one, Vellore Home Appliance renders quality and the best service for water heater service in Vellore with modern tools and equipment.

Having modern equipment and tools makes us paw our service in the Water heater. With a capacity ranging from 1 to 3 litres, the quick water heater provides warm water instantaneously. Their renowned smart water heaters have features like a wireless remote system to turn them on and off, regulate settings, and an LED display for the temperature, among others. The solar water heaters are effective and may be used in bigger quantities.

We render service for multi-brand Water heater service and various products like…

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Our experts troubleshoot problems in Water Heater like

Faulty Temperature

Heater temperature sensor fails, the water can overheat

Improper Water Pressure

Water Pressure may down.


Sign of a malfunction and can lead to the unit leaking.

Stuck Valve

Grab a pair of Channel lock pliers in Clock wise direction.


Common problem water heater leakage is a loose drain valve

Gasket Problems

A water heater gasket is a mechanical seal

Rusting Issues

Heater Rusting is caused by the deterioration of anode rod.

Burning Issues

Minerals in hard water lead to buildup in your water heater.