LED TV Repair Service

Vellore Home appliance is the authenticated centre since 2016 for LED Tv service in Vellore. Our analysts carefully analyse the flaws in the various brands. It might be a variety of issues, such as a blank screen, no picture, audio issue, horizontal or vertical lines, picture shaking, blurry pictures, wifi link issues, double images, colour issues, etc.

Don’t worry if it’s anything, Vellore Home Appliance is here, Your LED is in good hands, and we’ll get it back to normal for you. Every quality has a story, Our talented team renders a fine quality LED tv repair and Installation service in Vellore with modern tools and equipment.

In a city like Vellore, we can work hard or smart, but at the end of the day, we are all exhausted. We watch TV on the couch after arriving home to unwind after the day’s work. One of the best stress busters is our tv, that’s why Vellore Home Appliance service Centre provides a standard quality service in Vellore. Our professional will quickly arrive at your door, evaluate the TV, and solve the issue. We are glad that we are the only service provider to render service for multi-brand LED TV in Vellore. 

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We sort out problems like…

Blank Screen

It may be an issue with the TV's software.

Picture Colour

Need only recalibrate the TV's color setting.

Distorted Picture

The backlighting arrangement being edge-lit.

Sensor Issues

Physical objects are blocking the path of the remote .

Wifi Connection Issues

Troubleshoot through Network Status

Software Issues

Smart Television won't update properly.

Power Issues

Power unit is responsible for receiving current

Blurred Screen

Mismatch between the TV's resolution