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Our day starts with cooking and ends with cooking. The microwave oven plays a vital role in daily life. If it is repaired our day will suffer because of baking.  Vellore Home Appliance is here to bestow an excellent Microwave oven service in Vellore. We have a talented engineer for microwave repair and fixing the issues. 

Vellore Home Appliance Service centre has fine tools and equipment for the microwave installation service and repair service in Vellore. Our specialist offers microwave oven repair charges that are extremely affordable, and we also offer a 30-day warranty for our service. Our inspection fee is the most affordable on the market. You won’t need to worry about the quality of our services when you give your service to us because we are top notch service for the microwave oven service in Vellore.  

All microwave oven technicians are not able to service all brands and models of microwave ovens, some microwave oven technicians are only familiar with particular brands, and most microwave oven technicians lack knowledge of the most recent models. Based on your model and brand, Vellore Home Appliance will provide a qualified professional to your doorstep. All types of microwave ovens may be fixed by our microwave specialist.

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Our excellent team fix issues in Microwave Oven's Problem like,

Power Issues

Power is an issue with the line fuse.

No Heat

May be a problem with the high-voltage diode.

Noise Problem

High voltage circuit and provides the micro waves.

Touchpad Issues

Touchpad which can go defective with repeated usage.

No Light

The bulb itself may be burned out.

Plate Dysfunction

Microwave plate won't turn is a broken drive motor.

Shuts Off

High voltage parts inside the unit getting too hot.


Sparks occur simply due to a build-up of charged.